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Cloud And Devops Solution

Consider cloud software development possibilities.

Optimize your infrastructure, operations, and premises, ensure a smooth transition to a cloud infrastructure, minimize risks and downtime, and reduce costs on the way to meeting your business objectives.

Cloud pays off on all sides

How we use our cloud capabilities in custom product development

Databases migrations and management

We help organizations to migrate and manage cloud databases which provides security, stability, reliability, and high availability.

Cloud software re-architecting

We will enhance your system’s scalability and performance by switching from a monolithic to a clustered microservices architecture and exposing your software functions via APIs for your business expansion.

Cloud-native development

Devfete experts will speed up your software development and deployment by making infrastructure management effortless with automated solutions for networks, servers, operating systems, etc.

Cloud cost optimization

Our expert team will assess your current infrastructure, discover resources that are overprovisioned or underused, and provide recommendations for optimizing your cloud expenses.

Cloud application security

Through an understanding of security best practices and industry security requirements, we prototype, design, develop, and manage a secure infrastructure leveraging cloud security technologies.

No half measures

Our cloud application specializations

Google Cloud Platform

As GCP Partner SDH knows how to make the most of its services to succeed. Management tools help us work more productively and modular services support us daily in accelerating our clients’ products in the cloud.


This technology is used to pack applications into containers. Containers can hold all of the parts needed to run applications, such as libraries with dependencies or databases. This way any developer or cloud can easily use dockerized applications right away.


Heroku is Platform as a Service provider, which means developers can host applications in very short time without needing to spend time on environment and server setup, which is perfect for developing MVPs.


Kubernetes is a platform that automates processes like managing, deploying and scaling easier for containerized applications. It was developed and engineered by Google.


AWS is a cloud platform, which provides many cloud computing products and services like computing, database storage or big data management.


Azure is a cloud based computing service used for building, deploying and managing services and applications, created by Microsoft. It can also be used for analytics, storage, networking and much more.

Benefits speak for themselves

Why should you consider building cloud applications?

Faster innovation

Cloud services provide the most innovative technology available and constantly updated software, allowing businesses to focus on rapid innovation without complexities of hardware and infrastructure management.

Flexible resources, scaling

Applications can be scaled elastically. It means the right amount of IT resources like computing power or storage can be delivered right when they’re needed, and from the right geographic location.

Storage possibilities

Your data can be stored cost-efficiently and at massive scale within public or private storage services, depending on your security needs.

Intelligence in the cloud

Intelligent cloud, built with use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, gathers, analyzes and learns from a massive amount of data, delivers real-time insights and experiences and makes predictions in order to improve business strategy and deliver greater functionality to the user.


Cloud providers offer technologies, various policies and controls that strengthen your overall security, help to protect your data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats.

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Assure software product quality

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